Facebook Advertising and Retargeting: Today’s Must Have

facebook advertising methods, tips and strategies from JVI Mobile MarketingFacebook advertising gets a bad rap at times, though perhaps only part of that reputation is deserved.  You don’t even need all the figures to realize that an investment in Facebook advertising is a must-do to grow in today’s world.

Facebook Advertising

Kyle Taylor, the owner of The Penny Hoarder, recently shared the secret to his success in this channel in a recent post for Entrepreneur.com.  You can get the full article here, but we’ve summarized his insights below.  We couldn’t agree more!

  • Facebook advertising can be challenging with changing interfaces and options.  It takes some time to learn and master.
  • Focus on sending traffic to your site, not on growing your Facebook page.
  • Boosted posts, though at a higher cost, can dramatically drive more visitors to your site.  You’ll still get likes along the way.  Not only do boosted posts go live faster, but they also feel less “salesy”.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to see a good return.  Between effective segmentation and watching the analytics, you can get clicks for pennies.

13016303_10153780373773692_2051138121_oSocial Media Retargeting

Facebook Advertising and Retargeting by JVI Mobile MarketingIf you’re already spending on Facebook, you’ve got to consider social media retargeting as well.  Social media retargeting is where the vacation you were just looking at online suddenly appears in your Facebook feed.

As Mary Long recently shared over at AdWeek:

“26 percent of customers will return to a site through retargeting. This is up from 8 percent of customers who return to a site without retargeting.”

And in regards specifically to Facebook retargeting that:

“When adding Facebook to an existing display retargeting campaign, advertisers saw a 92 percent increase in impression reach, 9 percent drop in cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and 27 percent decrease in cost per click (CPC).”

With results like that, how can you not get in the retargeting pool!

Here at JVI mobile, we specialize in unique programs in both Facebook advertising and retargeting geared to YOUR unique needs.  Just ask us how we can help!

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