Breaking News! After the Republic just became real!

Frank L. Williams
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So, for the last few months I have been going back and forth with revisions, edits, sizes, social media proofs and more with a really awesome client named Frank Williams, who was finishing up a book called After the Republic.

Here is a synopsis of the book:

 Chaos.  Conflict.  Lawlessness.

An uncertain future in a strange place. The American republic has crumbled. Joshua Winston, a reluctant leader who had hoped to enjoy a quiet, peaceful retirement from politics, is forced off of the sidelines. Now, he must lead a group of Americans determined to survive in the dangerous new world they face. He takes great pains to steer his group clear of the chaos that reigns after the republic, but fears that the conflict will inevitably find its way to them.

Sound exciting? It is.

The book was officially released a few weeks ago to some really great reviews, and I would review it now, but we will have to wait a few days because I could only review the first 75 jaw dropping pages. I would also say that I cannot put it down, but thanks to things like running a business, well… you get the idea.

When Frank asked me if I would design the book cover and associated social media graphics, I was honored, but I must say a little nervous as well. Though I have been playing with graphics and design for the last 20 years, only in the last 3 have I been doing it professionally. On top of that, just about all of that has been for the web. The social media graphics would be easy.. The print for a book? Well, I was initially hesitant.

One of the things JVI Mobile prides itself on is being “obsessed with engaging awesome social relationships”. No really, it’s our company motto. I knew that I could design a book cover that would be indicative of the quality of work that would help Frank sell his book, and that we would be proud and honored to have in our portfolio.

So I went to work.

Revision 1…

Revision 2…

Revision 3…

The best part about it was that with each revision,FW-Pol-Flag HzhQ7j
something magical was happening. I realized that this was becoming a very real experience and that I would help Frank reach his goal of having a successful book. Also, it didn’t hurt that I was working with a very creative client who had a clear vision for what he wanted and had just wrote this literary masterpiece (well, the first 75 pages at least, lol).

In May, we finished our collaboration and the book went to press. In that time, Frank also had me working on social media images in various sizes for ads, Facebook, Twitter, and banners.

That part was easy, given my years of experience in designing marketing graphics.

So, after a few months and 7 (or so) revisions, and years of Frank’s hard work, sweat and tears (I would’ve said blood, but not sure unless he got some paper cuts along the way), After the Republic went to press. I was happy to order a copy, see the kind attribution on page 1, and start reading.

I told Frank that I can’t wait to give him a review of the book real soon, and that I would share this with my clients and friends. As a fellow marketing-minded business owner, he was excited and sent me some links to share. It is available on Kindle or paperback. I will be recommending paperback of course in this instance!

Here is the final product and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have so far.

Web-Image--Final-Copy tU7rvU

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Jay Vics is the owner and president of JVI Mobile, a full service small business digital marketing firm in the southeastern U.S.