What’s Your Local Score?

What’s Your Local Score?

New tool let’s you find out how optimized your site is for local searches.

A groundbreaking new tool on the jvimobile.com home page is designed to help local business owners diagnose and fix their online listings. The new tool, called “What’s your local score?” was launched on November 10, 2015.

We are thrilled to bring this technology to business owners, either online or off.

To use this dynamic widget, a user will input their business name and zip code into a form, and a report will be generated. In order to see the report, you will need to give up your email address so that JVI Mobile may email you with tips and tricks designed to grow small businesses and help with digital marketing techniques. In addition you will receive timely, knowledgeable articles from their newsletter, “Clicks”. It is a small price to pay to not only see your businesses online report card, but also to get a wealth of great information that JVI Mobile provides from time to time.Killing it on Instagram, Instagram for Small businesses
The launch of this new service precedes the upcoming highly anticipated course, “Killing it on Instagram”, due to launch in the next week. The course is designed to help business owners learn and navigate the fastest growing social network. Really, it seems like a “win-win”.

At JVI Mobile, we are obsessed with engaging awesome social relationships. This new tool will only help small business owners do just that with their customers. First, find out how you are doing, then improve it. We are happy to help guide you on your way!