Geofencing Me In! A Great SMS Strategy

beach-1212638_640Ever heard about geofencing?  It’s a great way to specifically target either your customers or those of your competition.

Andrew, the CEO at Bizness Apps, just release a great summary of how geofencing works, incorporating some best practices for SMS marketing in general along the way.  We’ve shared his great infographic below and you can check out his entire post here.

The concept is pretty simple:  when your audience enters a specific area- usually within a few miles of your businesslocation- they receive a unique message just for them.  Some examples of these are:

  • Pick up reminders. Ideal for prescription or dry cleaning businesses.
  • Service reminders. Think oil-changes or dental cleanings.
  • Complimentary offers.  As an example, knowing that much of their business comes from folks in an auto accident, think of a car rental agency targeting a body shop.
  • Special offers.  Why not hit nearby folks with a special SMS message for tonight’s dinner special?
  • Thank you.  How about a simple thank you for a recent purchase or visit?

proximity-150698_640You can flip this strategy and target folks visiting a competitor.  If a competing florist a mile away from your shop is making inroads into your business, an effective strategy could be to present users within a mile or two of their location with a unique offer.  Needless to say, the variation are almost endless.

Of course, like all SMS strategies, you’ve got to tread carefully and not overwhelm folks with constant messaging.  Overmessaging will result in folks opting out, so we recommend not exceeding 4-5 messages per month as part of any messaging strategy.

Geofencing Infograph

Geofencing is still another feature of our SMS and MMS programs which help deliver even better business intelligence to our clients.

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