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Ever see something like that before? SMS Marketing.SMS Marketing Services - Wilmington and South Boston

Yep, might be one of ours. Want to know how you can drive massive traffic through your doors time and time again?

Let’s talk about SMS marketing. SMS(Short Message Service) basically means text message, and if you aren’t using it yet, your competitors probably are. How will you get people to sign up? In-store promotions, contests, word of mouth, and just simply asking will be enough. We can help you with flyer design and more.


Here are some of the types of promotions this system can help with:

  • Appointments:

    • Is your business dependent on appointments with clientele? Do you need to manage a group of vendors who visit your business regularly? Use our mobile appointment system management tool to ensure fewer no-shows. Fill downtime and schedule deliveries efficiently. Empower your business with Appointment Reminders.
  • QR Codes:

    • QR codes are promising and creative. The many uses for them are still being discovered! It’s time to leap into the future with this new and exciting approach.
  • Vehicle Listing:

    • The vehicle listing tool can be used by auto, boat and motorcycle dealerships to increase the amount of leads captured both on the sales lot and through print advertising.
  • SMS Polls:

  • Run a mobile poll for live events and other business needs. Get fast, hands-on feedback from your customer base. Consult your bread and butter on decisions which can affect your business! Polls are easy to create and consumers enjoy participating. Use a poll to help your business.
  • Questionnaires:

    • Ask questions to be answered by users on your opt-in list. Questions engage the user and allow them to give you a tally of people attending an event, a quick opinion on something, etc.
  • Loyalty Program:

    • Create virtual punch cards with the Loyalty Program! Loyalty cards have always been a very popular customer rewards tool. The one downfall is that they are constantly being misplaced or lost. With our Loyalty tool, all you need is a mobile phone number and you can have your card punched at the time of purchase.
  • Text to Win:

    • This weapon in your marketing arsenal gives you the agency to create sweepstakes for your Opt-in and Lead generation list. Assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time-frame.
  • Text to Screen:

    • Our Text to Screen Feature enables a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a designated short code, this will be then posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience can view this message.
  • Social Plug-Ins:

    • You can send offers, messages, sales alerts directly to your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter! Spread the word and increase offer participation among your fans and followers. By adding our Opt-in API to your Facebook page you will increase your loyalty opt-in list.
  • Property Listing:

    • Get the details of your real estate agent’s property listing out quickly and into the hands of ready buyers with our property listing!
  • Email Integration:

    • Whenever a user provides us with their email address, our system will automatically relay that information to your email marketing platform. This integration works with our Profile Grabber feature which collects additional information from the user after they opt-in to a contact list.
  • Birthday:

    • Everyone loves their birthday. Show your clients you care with a gift on their special day. Add a coupon that can be included in your birthday message to excite your customer and continue to get their support because of your kind gesture.



Contact us today and let’s discuss the benefits it will have on your business and your bottom line!