Short Videos Are The Key To Driving Traffic And Sales For Your Business

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Video Marketing

Short Videos Are The Key To Driving Traffic And Sales For Your Business cover

Are you looking to increase how much traffic your business is getting online? You’ve come to the right place. People are constantly on the move. In today’s world people no longer want to sit through long videos that take up their time. Instead, they prefer short, bite size content that is easy to consume on-the-go.

If you’re a business looking to boost sales and get more people clicking on your site, it’s time to ditch the long videos. Give short-form content a go!

Whether it’s 6 seconds or 3 minutes, changing your video content will give your business the results it’s been looking for.

Firstly, what are short videos?

Most commonly defined as anything under 60 seconds (with some platforms now taking that up to 3 minutes). Short videos are the new marketing go-to.

TikTok and as Instagram’s Reel feature short videos have become commonplace in society. These short videos are exciting and make it easy for customers to engage! This type of content is still on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down.

We all feel more accomplished and satisfied when we achieve more in a day. People want to consume multiple videos in the time it used to take to consume one. Short videos are a great way to keep people moving. Also, to get the information you want as a business across.

Short form content isn’t targeted to one area of business. Short videos can enhance different areas of your site, including brand promotion and product showcasing. They can also be used to announce offers. You will grab, hook, and convert with short videos.

But why are short videos better than traditional long-form content?

We have all seen a blog post that catches our attention. But, even if you’re intrigued by the content topic, you probably won’t read the entire article. This may be due to time constraints or just a lack of focus. Consumers need MORE than lengthy paragraphs to grab and keep their attention. That’s where visual content comes in. Visuals help prospective buyers or clients without trying too hard to keep their focus.

However, long-form video content just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why? There’s no immediacy. People want interest, value, and results- immediately. To do this, you’ve got to be prepared to make the switch to short videos.

Now you know exactly what short-form content is and why it’s such a successful strategy. It’s time to get into how you can use it to increase site traffic.

How can your business drive traffic and sales with short videos?

Add Short Video Testimonials to Your Website

This is a marketing strategy we CAN’T stress enough!

Did you know 93% of customers read online views before buying a product? Yes, you heard us right, a whopping 93% of people look at feedback from others when making their own purchases. So, mix testimonial with short-form video content, and you’re onto a winner.

Having these on your website will provide users with a sense of comfort. They are already familiar with short-form content on their social media platforms. Short videos are also great for answering FAQs without losing the potential customer’s attention.

Hop on the Latest Trends

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, the internet sees a new viral trend or challenge daily that seemingly appear overnight. Take advantage of this! You will be capitalizing on something popular. Also, because you are creating short videos, there’s more chance of people actually watching it. Hopping on trends is a great way to get your brand out there and immerse your business in what’s hot online.

Want to participate in an easy trend? You can find all the latest trends and sounds on the discover page on TikTok.

I have testimonials and trendy ads. What else can I do?

Repurpose Your Content and Repost it on all Social Media Platforms

Posted your short videos to TikTok? Great. Now post it as a reel on Instagram or a short on YouTube. Content is made to be distributed and if you want to increase site traffic it needs to be seen.

And if you want to go even further to achieve a higher conversion rate, slice up your video into smaller clips and use it as an ad creative. Repurposing content is the king of successful marketing.

Hire Influencers for your Ad Marketing or Incorporate Customers into Your Content

Influencers have been involved with business content for a long time now, with this marketing strategy getting popular and staying popular ever since. And short videos are the perfect way to get involved with this.

Having an influencer on a quickly consumed piece of media isn’t just going to get conversations started but get them started about your brand and what you do.

As a local business, you might not be able to reach the perfect influencer for you. If not, don’t worry! Showing works better than telling. Get creative and film your product or service being enjoyed by real-time customers! This is a really effective way of adding testimonial at the same time as advertising and will still give the effect that an influencer would. Content like this works great if your service/product involves a before and after too so that the audience can see a real transition.

How do I get TikTok marketing right?

If there’s one thing your business needs to do, it’s adding value. 10/10 purchases are made because of the product or service’s value-adding properties. Whether it adds aesthetic or makes life easier, adding value is important. This goes for your online content too. Making education a priority in your marketing will improve lead generation and build stronger brand loyalty, as well as increasing that all-important site traffic.

Now you know the best ways to drive forward traffic, it’s time to think about making it happen. And what better way than to take a look at a local business doing exactly that!

Carpet Repair Guys, a business located in Bay Area, found success on TikTok at the start of 2021 and have over 23 million likes and 800k+ followers today.

What’s their secret?

Well, its’s simple. They are authentic and don’t try too hard to be something they’re not. Which is something that’s super important for smaller businesses looking to grow organically online. Keeping it real is really valuable in today’s climate.

Let’s face it, do the internet actively seek TikTok’s about carpet repair? Probably not, which is why their marketing is incredible!

The founder uses light and humorous commentary to show the company’s processes in a satisfying way. By using time lapses of real-time business life, their videos have gone viral on more occasions than we can count on one hand.

Where do I start?

As a local business yourself, you’ll need to find your niche and play around with TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to find your flow. But all it takes is a few seconds and you’ve got yourself a good start.

Whether you decide to add commentary over business processes like the Carpet Repair Guys or you use trending sounds to bring your videos to life, there are so many different ways you can make short videos work.

And don’t forget, short-form video content is great for starting conversations, and Carpet Repair Guys utilise this activity to respond to online comments in the form of videos and strengthen the relationship they share with the community on the platform.

Keep this in mind as short videos really do open the door to more audiences than you might think!

Be sure to check out the Carpet Repair Guys on TikTok to get some ideas of how you could get started.


If you’re a local business looking for new ways to improve your marketing strategies and create content that sells, it’s time to shift to short-form content and watch your traffic soar.

There is no ‘one shoe fits all’ method of leveraging short video content to drive more traffic for your business. Instead, there are a whole load of strategies ready for you to play around with and find out which one works best for you and your audience!

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