Do I Need A Small Business App?

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Is A Small Business App For You?

Mobile Apps Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Apps? Really? Like Clash of Clans?

Small business app for my businessPerhaps not like Clash of Clans, but yes. With over two billion smartphones in the world today and each iPhone launch causing people to line up for days to get one, no one can deny the pervasive effect smartphones have garnered over the last few years.

And it isn’t going to change soon. With online habits moving increasingly from desktop to tablets and smartphones, more and more people look for and act on local information on their mobile device- whether it is reservations at their favorite restaurant, a ticket to their favorite team, or just what tomorrow’s weather will be. And mobile apps are increasingly how they do this.

Now through May 15th, our app prices have been slashed to as low as $397 for the development and only $97/month! This is a first-year saving of over $500! Click below to get all of the details.

So if you don’t have an app already, do you need one?

App for a small business

Probably, if not definitely. To date, there have been over 50 billion app downloads from the Apple App Store driving over $60 billion in revenue by 2018.

customer serviceWith increasing smartphone use, consumers increasingly are demanding constant access to information and data which can quickly only be delivered by apps. Using a smaller footprint and requiring fewer resources to run, apps quickly and effectively can answer this need.  Apps give your customers the service they need!

Why Not Just a Mobile Website?

Though mobile websites are also a key element in a successful marketing plan, an app provides much more:

  1. Increased flexibility gives small and local businesses a competitive advantage over larger and more entrenched competitors.
  2. Connect with your customers anytime from anywhere, even if your brick and mortar location is closed.
  3. Apps improve internal effectiveness by letting them communicate, check inventory and other key functions.
  4. Apps are quicker than mobile websites in entering data, taking orders, and other simple tasks. The simpler placing an order is, the higher your sales will go!
  5. Apps are convenient. With consumers pressed for time, increasingly the fastest and easiest option wins out and becomes a brand standard.
  6. Apps are increasingly becoming accepted as a requirement for businesses of all sizes. Organizations without them may run the risk of being perceived as less responsive to consumer needs.

But Mobile Apps are Expensive, Aren’t They?

mobile appYes, they can be- especially for the novice. At JVI Mobile we give you two options to create your own App. We empower you to create, edit, and manage your own apps for a variety of platforms including iPhone and Android through our own system.

But if you’d like a completely turnkey solution we have a special offer for Spring 2017. After consulting with you for your specific needs, we will build your App for you for $397 with monthly maintenance or only $97 (some restrictions apply). This deal won’t last long so contact us today!

At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. Tell us how we can help grow or create your mobile app and grow your business!