JVI introducing Social WiFi to businesses this week!

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JVI Mobile Marketing will be rolling out a new social media WiFi platform to assist local businesses market to customers this week.

Loyal Customers?  Easy.
Customers will see the businesses network, login to WiFi usine their own social media account and automatically enroll in a custom loyalty program.  The business doesn’t have to worry about downloads, apps, or key chains!!

JVI’s clients that offer free WiFi will just have their customers login via their social WiFi hotspot and then be able to send them very targeted rewards, offers, deals, specials and contests.. But this is only just the beginning.

Sharing is Caring… And a big bang for your buck!
Utilizing a terrific partner WiFi platform, it will make it simple for your customers to share any deals, coupons, newsletters, or other material on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in, or any other social sites. How is that for building your brand?

Use it more than once? How about getting rewarded?
The JVI Mobile WiFi platform has the ability to send intelligently created rewards straight through the WiFi to customers, while they are still visiting your bowling alley or bar, or store! Then  they can share their rewards to all of their friends in their networks which will bring your place of business more customers.

Yeah, but will it cost me my arm? My leg? or both??

Surprisingly, it will be one of our most affordable monthly options, and we will also offer “dirt-cheap” co-op advertising opportunities throughout the network. Plans are in place to have a network of 300 public wifi hotspots by the end of the year, serving a public demand, and helping stimulate the local economy at the same time.

To Learn more, or have a fee consultation about the initial roll-out, please contact us immediately through the following form. Or, just email [email protected]
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