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If you want to boost a post on your Facebook Business Page, it’s pretty simple. We have been doing these types of posts for years and it is one of the fastest ways to generate interest, find new followers and generate leads for your small business.

Here is a short video from Facebook describing the simple process in detail:

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Once you boost a post, you can view it on Facebook and click on the link that shows all the people who reacted to the post. This will be those people who clicked Like, Love, Wow, etc.

Boosted Posts on Facebook Invitations

When you view these people, if they don’t already like your Facebook page, there will be an Invite button on the right-hand side next to each person. You can manually go through these people and invite them to like your page, one-by-one. Watch your audience grow!

Invite Facebook users to like your page from a boosted post


If you would like to learn more about posting to Facebook for your business, what to post about or what to boost, please contact us today. We will provide you with a no obligation, free information session to help you along the way!

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