Get Blogging! Plus 8 Habits of Effective Bloggers

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Bloggingcloud-709112_640Still not blogging?

The numbers on why you need to are powerful, to say the least.

Blogging is mission critical, especially if you’re a small business.

First, let’s start with the obvious. If you’re constantly blogging good, accurate and timely content one thing is almost guaranteed to happen.

You’re going to get more website traffic. Increased traffic generates leads and more sales and business.

Blogging is Critical!

And not just a few more leads. On average, just blogging quality content generates 88% more leads than not blogging at all. If you can post a half dozen times a month your lead volume will double again. Smaller companies normally see greater benefits from blogging than larger ones.

Blogging naturally leads to sharing. Once you’re sharing the already great content you’re creating with your social media networks, you’ll see further growth in your site traffic and lead generation activities.

8 Habits of Effective Bloggers

Though a few years old, what Annabel Candy wrote in her posting the 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers still holds true today. Good bloggers (and by association good business owners) are:

  • Risk Takers
  • Creative
  • Really Passionate
  • Visible and Engaging
  • Disciplined and Organized
  • Self-Aware
  • Use a Variety of Media
  • Diversify their Income

Effective blogging isn’t hard but can take some time away from short-term profit generation. Long-term it has got to be on your ‘must have’ list. As part of our suite of services, JVI Mobile offers blog creation and management- as little or as much as you need. We’d be glad to take a look at where you sit now and map out how to get you where you need to be…in front of your new customers!

At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. Tell us how we can help!