Case Study – Birthday Party Booking System

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Birthday Party Booking System

How Cardinal Lanes Shipyard in Wilmington, NC generates an average of nearly 1100% ROI every month using our 4 step “Birthday Party Booking System”.

Watch the video below and then contact us immediately to put this system in place for your business.

The Birthday Party Booking System



Last year, we decided to improve one of Cardinal’s greatest assets,

The plan was to generate traffic to this landing page for pennies on the dollar to convert parents into birthday party customers for their kids next birthday.

What we are doing

Here is the simple 4 step process that continues to be duplicated with astounding results right through today and will continue on.

If you are looking to increase the number of parties your facility can hold, with high quality, targeted leads in your geographic area, this system is one to take advantage of.

  • First, we run a highly targeted Facebook ad to parents of school-aged children within the local area. In this case, it is 25 miles from Wilmington, NC.
  • People who click on the ad are taken to a customized landing page,
  • Parent fills out a quick basic form to request a party.
  • Cardinal Staff receives the request and calls the parents to book the party. The party coordinators are booking 90% of all requests!

The Results?

Let’s take a look at each of the last 5 months:

September (2016):

Parties: 10-Requested  /  9-Booked
Total number of people: 135
Gross Revenue: $1,755
Net gain: $1,620
ROI: 1,200%

October (2016):

Parties: 12-Requested  / 11-Booked
Total number of people: 148
Gross Revenue: $1,924
Net gain: $1,789
ROI: 1,325.18%

November (2016):

Parties: 9-Requested  / 8-Booked
Total number of people: 95
Gross Revenue: $1,235
Net gain: $1,100
ROI: 814.81%

December (2016):

Parties: 7-Requested / 5-Booked
Total number of people: 71
Gross Revenue: $923
Net gain: $788
ROI: 583.7%

January (2017):

Parties: 12-Requested  / 11-Booked
Total number of people: 164
Gross Revenue: $2,132
Net gain: $1,997
ROI: 1,479.25%

Total:  1,080.59%

Birthday Party Booking System

Profits worth celebrating!


How is all of this calculated?


Cardinal Lanes monthly ad spend with Facebook: $60

Monthly marketing investment with JVI Mobile for this particular service: $75

Note: There is a one-time setup charge for us to build out the system.

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Birthday Party Booking System