Blog Traffic Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago

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Getting Traffic to your Business Blog

If you wish to use your business blog to increase and engage your audience, you’re going to have to find ways to get the traffic to a point where someone other than your immediate family is reading it.

Done correctly, a business blog can have a multi-faceted benefit to your business. It can not just bring you new customers, it can help shape and define your brand, establish authority, amplify search rankings, enable social sharing and much more.

Yet if this is taken up haphazardly, or even worse, indifferently, you’re likely to be preaching to the choir, and wondering why you started this dumb blog in the first place.

To help get the blog going and develop some momentum, many bloggers turn to paid traffic to get the ball rolling. It can be a modest, yet wise investment. Let’s look at several places you can make this happen.

5 Of the best places to buy paid ads

Outbrain – You’ve seen these ads, usually following content on major websites. Outbrain’s Amplify is great for showcasing your best blog posts, and it carries the added benefit of getting your content on major sites with massive readership you may not have been able to otherwise. (Tip: Partner this with a retargeting ad on Facebook for killer results!)

Facebook Ads Maybe the best paid traffic opportunity currently available, mainly for the ability to precisely target your audience without spending a fortune. Their audience insights tool alone is worth the price of admission!

Google Adwords – While they have been around forever, Adwords can still be useful if you know how to use it well. Otherwise, you’ll be paying far too much for what you’re after.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates – If you have content that appeals to professionals in any sense, this could be a goldmine for you. People on LinkedIn are more businesslike, and a bit more engaging, so if this one fits, don’t hold back!

Pinterest Promoted Pins – A relative newcomer to paid ads, Pinterest can be handy if you have a great graphic and are appealing largely to females. If you do, prepare for hordes of enthusiastic visitors descend upon your post!