5 Helpful Tips For your mobile app

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5 Helpful tips for your mobile app

According to an Entrepreneur.com article today…

Mobile now leads the world of marketing and apps are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for reaching customers on the go. According to eMarketer, app downloads will double over the course of the next four years. Based on these numbers, it is little wonder that so many businesses are rushing to develop and offer their own app. via: An App That Engages Customers Is Not Automatically an App That Makes Money

The article goes on to say how businesses are struggling to make money with their free app, but definitely see the value of using it to engage their customers.

                                  Well, yeah.

Does it matter to you if you have an app that generates millions? Are you in the app building business? Or are you a small business owner looking for the tools and platforms you need to drive customers through the door and keep them coming back?

We tell all of our clients that when sending out a push message, text blast, email, or post(more on that later in the series), that it isn’t about a rush of traffic beating down their door. It might happen if the offer is dynamic, unique and really special. However, chances are it won’t, and that is perfectly fine.

The really cool part about a small business having an app, or at the very, very least a mobile responsive website is that engagement is key. We’ve personally spoken to hundreds of business owners who enjoy running their family fun center, pizzeria, bar, restaurant, hotel, etc., and they all say that they always try to stay in front of their customers. It has been called “customer touches”. The more you can engage with a customer, the more they will remember you the next time they need those services.

Today, I also read some misconceptions about mobile app marketing that you also should know. This article came out on Forbes and shared a very key point, and I might add that the word “engagement” was used 6 times in the article.

It is significantly less expensive to re-engage a current app user than it is to acquire a new one, and providing users with a reason or even a reminder to come back is essential for long-term growth. Website retargeting is a multibillion-dollar industry, and you can quickly and easily retarget app users by using your app data. Mobile app engagement ads, push notifications and email are a few of the tactics you can use to ensure your user base remains engaged. via: 5 Misconceptions About Mobile App Marketing That Can Stunt Valuable User Growth

The key to success with a mobile app is not about how many people are going to be opening their wallets while your app is open. It is about how many people remember you when they are able to open their wallets.

In conclusion, here are some tips when it comes to your mobile app. 

  1. Hire a professional. But don’t spend more than $2000 up front. Don’t go at it alone. There are so many hidden nuances to navigate once the app is done, developer licenses to acquire($100/year for Apple, $25 one time to Google), new images and screen shots to take. It can become tedious and time consuming to an amateur who already has a million other day to day issues to worry about in the business.
  2. Integrate every Social Media channel. If you don’t put your social profiles, web site, review sites and all other web resources in the app you are missing out on leading people to multiple areas of, you guessed it… Engagement!
  3. Send regular push messages. If it really is all about engagement, and touches, and reminders, then the best thing to do is send 4-5 push messages each and every month letting people know your specials, exclusive discounts, weather related information, or anything else you can come up with. If you need more ideas, stay tuned. We will present you with an exhaustive list in a future post.
  4. Build in a reward program. Frequent buyer deals, repeat rewards, whatever you call it. Make a virtual key tag or “buy four get the fifth free” offer and make sure it is prominently displayed!
  5. Contact Us. Thought it was a sales pitch to call JVI Mobile? Not. Really, put a form in your app to have the user contact you with customer service, questions, complaints, praise, whatever it may be. There is no doubt you need it. After all, you might have comment cards, forms on your web site, customer service departments, you get the idea. Make sure it is in your app.

Well, that’s all for now. Remember, engagement will lead you to not only more customers, but better word of mouth, more visits, and yes, more wallets open inside your establishment.