WOW! Facebook Reactions: A New Tool in Your Toolbox

Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions arrived today with great fanfare.  Facebook’s just given their “like” system a pretty dramatic overhaul and added five additional options, all of which come with their own animated emoticons.

If you want to learn about the work behind the change, Wired has posted a good (and detailed) look at the research and thinking behind it here.  The real reason for the change is simple:

Today’s users increasingly interact with Facebook and other sites through mobile devices as desktop usage continues to decline.  Users with shorter attention spans need more options to engage with content on smaller screens without having to actually type.

The result is the six emoticons you see above, representing like, love, haha(laugh), angry, wow and sad.



Though it might seem all ado about nothing on the surface, here at JVI Mobile we see great potential in the new Facebook Reactions options.  Properly used, it should be a great tool to gauge audience response to about every move you or your industry make.  Some potential first impression avenues:

  • Product feedback or better still new product pre-launch research.  Learn ahead of time if your latest new idea will wow your customers!
  • Facebook Reactions will give you more flexibility in gauging responses to industry changes and your community involvement and charitable involvement.
  • Great insight on how well your posts connect with your audience overall.  If most of your posts get tepid or negative reactions, you’ve got changes to make!
  • Of course, look at all of the same for your competitors.  If your biggest competitor just increased prices, you’ll easily be able to get a gauge for their customer’s push-back.  Just remember that your competition will see the same information on you.

facebook-388078_640We’re quickly building out our suite of tools to incorporate Facebook Reactions into all of our social media programs to help deliver even better business intelligence to our clients.

At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. Tell us how we can help!


Reputation Management. 25+ Tips On Making It Awesome

Reputation management may sound like something that only applies to large companies or requires deep pockets.  In fact, neither of the above is true.  Though all small business owners are busy from dawn until well into the night just making a profit, ignoring your online reputation can cause major damage to your prime objective- maximizing your profit!

To help you succeed, we’ve collected four of the best articles on reputation management for you and included a fifth which you can’t miss!

1.  Online Reputation Management: How to Counteract Bad Feedback

Reputation Management
Start with Virtual Social Media’s summary on why businesses of all sizes can’t ignore their online reputations.

2.  5 Ways to Take Control Over Your Startup’s Public Image

Reputation Management
Luis Gallardo provides great insight on how to gauge and measure your audience’s response to your next big product launch. Though geared for startups, it’s a must-read for all small business owners.

3.  6 Keys to a Positive Online Presence and Reputation

Reputation Management
Starting with the basics, Martin Zwilling gives you six simple steps to improve how others view you online.

4.  4 Key Metrics In Repairing Your Reputation Online

Reputation Management
If you’re coming here because you’ve gotten sideways, you’ll definitely want to start here, with four ways to start fixing it fast!

And our bonus to you: Reputation Management for Local Small Businesses: Ten Professional Tips

Reputation Management
If you only read one of these articles, make this the one! Zach Anderson gives you ten top tips for maximizing your online reputation. It’s a real can’t miss for the passionate business owner.  We’re so impressed with Reputation Loop’s programs that we’ve partnered with them as a licensed agency.  You can check out our reputation management offerings here.

Know that you’re not alone out there! The JVI Mobile team has the resources and know-how to begin or expand on your current reputation management programs.

Let us help you find out how you are doing now and take your results to new highs! At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. We are happy to help guide you on your way!


Five More Reasons You’ve GOT to Get on LinkedIn

Don't Underestimate the Power of LinkedIn

Don’t Underestimate the Power of LinkedIn

Six months or so ago, we gave you five of the best reasons to get going on creating- or better yet- growing and maximizing the potential of your LinkedIn profile. We’re so empowered by what LinkedIn can give to your organization we’ve got five more.

And to help educate you still more, take a look at what content and social media marketing “YouTuber”, coach, and public speaker Amy Schmittauer had to say about the power of LinkedIn.  It’s a quick watch and you can’t help but be wrapped up in her excitement.  You can check out all of her videos here.

Amy’s Top 5 Advantages of LinkedIn Marketing

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Here are Amy’s Top Five, and we couldn’t agree more:

  • LinkedIn is all about business and its audience is ready to receive valuable information that can make their careers and businesses grow.  You can be more assertive on LinkedIn than you can on other social networks for just this reason.
  • LinkedIn has blogging capabilities and networking all in one place with their publisher program.  This can get people not only to your profile but your website as well.
  • Drive powerful group engagement about topics that you create!  Every engaged person is a potential lead!
  • Become a top influencer on LinkedIn and you’ll be looked to as a resident expert in your field.
  • Most importantly, you can learn to target your audience by researching who has viewed your profile and your postings!

Let us help you find out how you are doing now and take your results to new highs! At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. We are happy to help guide you on your way!


7 Critical Steps in Creating a Customer Avatar

A Customer Avatar will save you time and money.

The what, why, and how of a customer avatar, or also commonly called, “buyer persona”.

Whether you are trying to reach your own organization’s goals or push a client to new levels of success, a key element is creating a customer avatar for each organization.

What’s an Avatar?

Customer Avatars are critical to know your audienceDon’t be overwhelmed or intimidated if you have heard the term avatar before in this context. Simply put, an avatar is simply an outline of what the organization’s typical customer looks like. If you’re working with a company with several divergent products or services, you’ll need a separate avatar for each one.

So how do I create an avatar?

Here are a few helpful tips…some would say they are critical.

Critical Steps in Customer Avatar Creation

Step 1 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarDisengage a bit from yourself.  If you want accuracy you’ve got to get into the mind of your typical customer.

Step 2 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarBe okay with what you learn, no matter what.  It’s possible your actual typical customer isn’t who you think s/he is.

Step 3 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarGet some sales data.  Get dirty in it.  Look at what sells, when it sells, in what channel it sells and who buys it.  This should give you a basic picture.

Step 4 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarLook at your social media.  Who are your followers and who else do they follow?  This will show you what they like and some insight into how they think.

Step 5 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarLook at your competitor’s social media.  Here’s one that many always overlook.  How well do their followers mirror yours?

Step 6 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarNow that you know the basic demographic and their preferences, flesh them out with probable life events like finances, marital status and more.

Step 7 of seven critical steps to a Customer AvatarChange is good. Update your avatar as you learn more. A good avatar will evolve over time.

The better you know them the more successful you will be.

We’ve built avatars for all of our clients and ourselves as well. We know you’ll find it an empowering and enlightening process! Once you have your customer avatar, you should start to implement some of the free strategies in the Digital Marketing Assistant Group. Just click here or on the graphic below.

At JVI Mobile, we are passionate about creating and growing awesome social relationships. Tell us how we can help!