2013. The year of the mobile device.

Wow! So much happened in 2012. As we near our 1st anniversary, looking back has brought a lot of joy our way. We got our first 5 clients, hurdled a few things, fell flat on our faces once or twice, and celebrated a few wins. Guess you could say that it was a typical first year in an expanding business.

This year, we hope to achieve better results, yet allowing our expectations get the best of us.

First, we are kicking off our spring 2013 campaign! This means we will be looking for talented sales professionals, as well as social media hipsters, to help us grow the business to 25+ clients. Sound aggressive? It should. This industry is set to thrive. We want to be your home on your customers’ devices.

Next, we will be running a promotion to give away 5,000 dollars worth of mobile app development! If your business would like to get started on a shoestring budget, this is the time for you to sit down with us, and share your ideas with us. We can take you from start to finish with your project.

In addition, to celebrate our anniversary, in May and June, we will be doing some redesigns of a few of our published apps, as well as launching some new consulting services to our product line.

Finally, we will be hosting some forums on the many ways your business can thrive with mobile marketing and social media.

It’s gonna be a great year!