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Not sure how to get people to visit your website? This infographic demonstrates 12 surefire ways to begin getting all the traffic you need in 2017!

get people to your website

  1. Start a Facebook Group – This could be a community group, support group, or a special customer group designed to get customers and potential customers to know, like and trust you!
  2. Invest in Facebook Advertising – Set your budget and target your audience through demographics and user behavior with Facebook’s ad tools.
  3. Post share-worthy content – People are more likely to share posts that are unique, useful, entertaining or even controversial!
  4. Encourage people to share – Use a ‘call to action’ statement in some of your posts. Something as simple as ‘Share this post’ or ‘Click Share if you agree’!
  5. Funnel fans and followers back to your site – Accomplish this by offering free (or discounted) products and/or services in exchange for an email address or number. Include a link to your site for them to complete the sign-up process!
  6. Start a contest on social media – Everyone loves prizes! Boost sales and increase followers by offering discount coupons. This is a surefire way to get people to your website!
  7. Redesign with SEO in mind – Decide on a few main keywords and include them throughout the pages of your website.
  8. Consider your link names – Include a keyword or two in your links, if possible.
  9. Make sure your website is mobile responsive – Your pictures should be vibrant and your links should be easy-to-tap. Don’t forget that Google now includes mobile-friendliness as part of their ranking signals, so make sure they’re nothing but positive!
  10. Be sure your site loads fast! No one likes a slow site. Make sure graphics aren’t too big and turn off auto-play on any video or audio files.
  11. Place like and share badges on your blog. This will definitely drive more traffic back to your site.
  12.  Analyze your statistics and improve your site regularly. This is one of the most overlooked ways to get people to your website.

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