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Our mission is simple; We’re Obsessed with Engaging Awesome Social Relationships!

What does this mean and how do we do it?

It means that work has to be put into a relationship. If you date someone and don’t listen or communicate, the relationship usually ends in a breakup. Why is the relationship you have with your customers any different?

Engage your customers in an Awesome Social Relationship and they will reward you… In a big way!

We do this through a number of ways.

  • Reach 97% your customers in less than 10 seconds with push notifications and text messages
  • Generate buzz with specials, deals, and sweepstakes that customers will share
  • Flood the internet with raving reviews about your business’ excellent reputation
  • Engage your fans and build your brand with regular, timely and interesting content on all of the major social networks
  • Keep your customers loyal and coming back through the free WiFi you offer them

Here’s the problem. You can’t ever seem to find the time to sit down and do the necessary things to reach the next generation of your customers. You are struggling to balance working “in your business” and “on your business”. You know you provide value, great service, and plenty of rewards. Do your customer’s know that?

Don’t worry, We’ll let them know.

Meet Us


Jay Vics - JVI Mobile Marketing

Jay Vics Bio

Jay is a “Serial Entrepreneur”. Sometimes a new idea will wake him up at midnight and until he draws out the steps necessary to bring it to life on paper, he cannot fall back to sleep. He has worked in the fields of web development, sales and marketing, and business development for his 20-year career. He is married and is the proud “dog father” of two amazing pups. He enjoys the occasional escape from small town living to visit some city life.

Cassandra Doxa - JVI Mobile Marketing
Harper Thomas - JVI Mobile Marketing
Tracey Mitchell - JVI Mobile Marketing
China Propst - JVI Mobile Marketing

Cassandra Bio

Cassandra has saved the day on more than one occasion. She likes to call Jay “boss”, but we really know who the boss is. Cassandra gets things done more efficiently than anyone we’ve ever met. She is ready to tackle your next project and does whatever it takes to remain a true marketing guru.

Harper Bio


Harper Thomas joined JVI Mobile Marketing as SVP of Business Development in July 2017. Harper attended Woodberry Forest School in Virginia and has a Business Administration degree from the College of Charleston in 2009. He worked various sales jobs until being recruited to Charlotte to sell digital strategies in 2015.

Tracey Bio


Tracey has a passion for digital marketing and provides unique insights and ideas to the team. She contributes in many areas of marketing strategy and support to the company.  With her multi-dimensional background of knowledge and professionalism, Tracey provides determination and perseverance to complete any project with enthusiasm!

China Bio

China is an intern at JVI Mobile. She loves graphic design, blog writing and marketing. She enjoys binge watching her favorite TV shows and playing her favorite video games at night. She likes to travel, meet new people and work on various creative projects.